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Recipes can be simple!

Pudding fondue anyone? Simple, delicious and... you can add booze! Oh yes, yes you can.  We like a little Skrewball peanut butter whiskey (but you do you). 


VEGAN frozen pudding sandwiches

Coconut milk, egg substitute and our dear Maya's vegan cookies make this delicious dessert so good, Uncle Louie would wolf it down. Shhh, don't tell him it's vegan!


I started this company to share something wonderful.  It’s more than just pudding.  It’s what our pudding represents. It’s creating family memories, cooking together, laughing and gathering for special occasions or just an everyday BBQ.  South & Spoon is an extension of family.  It’s a company where we look out for each other, support each other and grow as a team or as a family would.  

Why do we want you to try our pudding?  It’s not just because it’s a yummy treat.  It’s because it brings us back to simpler times.  It’s ten minutes to spend together.  Ten minutes without a computer or an iPhone.  Ten minutes to talk and create something the whole family can share together.  The magic of pudding.

From our family to yours, we sincerely hope you enjoy our pudding.  

-Maria Manning - Founder

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Everyday is pudding appreciation day!

The sweet heat of cinnamon and sugar... hand me a spoon!

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