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Southern Charm | Sampler Pack

Hello Puddin’!  Why not try them all?  Our sampler pack lets you try all four of our tasty pudding mixes:  Madagascar Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon Churro, Salted Brown Sugar.

We're starting a pudding revolution, so grab your spoons and get ready to lick the bowl!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Salted brown sugar!

Had my best friend over for dinner and decided to make this I picked up from a random store a while ago and forgot about it. Made it for dessert my Lord it was the best thing I have put in my mouth in I don't know how long it was so good! Now I just need to buy a lot more but it says sold out on everyone please send help!

Karen Decker-Brown
Thumbs up!

The pudding you buy here will surpass any other pudding products sold in stores. This will be my second order, have only tried vanilla and chocolate as when I ordered the first time they were out of the other flavors. I will mention that it takes two boxes to make a pie. I am happy to see the variety as I am ordering the ones I haven’t tried. I always add the additional butter as they suggest. It would be great to have more flavors on board such as an Oreo and a peanut butter or pecan flavor.L

Anne VerHoeve
Best pudding ever!

The absolute best pudding I’ve ever had! Reminded me of my Mom’s back in the day! Delicious!

Mike B
Finally a tasty pudding with quality ingredients!

Love these puddings that you can make with plant based milks and egg substitutes and they still taste delicious! The variety pack is great so we can please the vegan/wfpb family members and make it with eggs and milk for other folks in the family. Love the recent add of lemon and as a friend said who I gave a box to - "who doesn't need some pudding during times like this"

Cath Hall
Delicious fun

We have now tried Lemon, chocolate and vanilla puddings and we are addicted. They are so good. Chocolate is my favorite and lemon is the husbands fave. Beside eating them as just pudding, we have made parfaits and churned them in the ice cream maker to make a creamy pudding ice cream. Next up I am going to try them in pudding cookies.