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"I haven't had pudding since I was little because I'm allergic to dairy products. This is AMAZING! I think I'm going to cry!"

- Jenny T Referring to Salted Brown Sugar pudding made with rice milk

"Holy Cow, I've been eating pudding my whole life but never knew it was supposed to taste like this!"

-Erica O. 

Holy cow this pudding is delicious

The Ultimate Comfort Food


"The ultimate comfort food. I think I'll be needing a lot of comfort from now on."

-Dawn S.

"It tastes like my grandmas homemade pudding used to. Delicious!"


Like Grandma used to make

Like licking the brownie mix bowl

"Eating South & Spoon Pudding is like licking the brownie mix bowl... or so I hear."

-Leif P.

"A bowl full of South & Spoon chocolate pudding and a spoon... what else does a girl need?" 

-Margaret M

Pudding and a spoon, everything a girl needs.

I gave up pudding for Lent, but I missed it so much

"I gave up your pudding for Lent. Afterwards, I had to have it every day, I missed it so much!

My husband asked if next year I could give up sex for Lent."

-Mary L

"It was SOOO easy to make!  I had 7 people over for a pudding party and they all loved it!"

-Jessie A

The way to a man's heart is through his South & Spoon

"The way to a man's heart is through his South & Spoon." 

-Donna O

"OMG Best pudding ever! That is amazing."

-Shaun D

OMG, best pudding ever.

The kids want more PUDDING, so yummy!

"One Word... INCREDIBLE!  My kids want more.  YUMMMMYYYY!"

-Tracy P.

"So, it's pudding weather.  I seriously can't bring myself to make it out of the 'J Box' after tasting yours.  HELP!"

-Eden J


No more J Box pudding for me!

The kids will eat all the pudding... I have to hide it.

"I have to hide my South & Spoon Pudding stash from the kids or they'll eat it all!"

-Chris D

"We made warm pudding sundaes with vanilla ice cream using chocolate and brown sugar pudding mixes... Bowls of magical goodness, that's what it was."

-Michelle B

Magical goodness of pudding

South and Spoon pudding is wicked good

"South & Spoon pudding is wicked good."

-Julie L