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Decadent Chocolate | Single Flavor 4 Pack

"Eating South & Spoon Pudding is like licking the brownie mix bowl..." -Leif P.

Nothing is more American than our chocolate pudding, except maybe eating our chocolate pudding poolside on the 4th of July! It's a chocolaty, full, rich experience – we only use the finest quality chocolate in our mix. Enjoy this classic hot off the stove or chilled. 

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Quantity: 4 Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amanda Rogers
The Chocolate seriously is out of control good

I've had this before but they rebranded and added Lemon (which is freaking awesome as well - like tangy but sweet) and I think they changed the recipe because the chocolate is so deep and rich. My 13 year old made a box last week and was a little mad because I ate like 1/2 of it warm off the stove. That's how I like it best. It's a little more expensive but it's totally worth it if you like simple desserts that impress big time.
I got lemon off their website and I'm going to try the recipe on their Instagram for bread pudding with challah and chocolate chips and the lemon.

This is the best pudding!!

This pudding is incredible and so easy to make. I was so happy when I saw that it can be made dairy free. It’s so hard to find a dessert that tastes great and doesn’t contain dairy and this is truly decadent. If you are wondering if buying 6 boxes at a time is too much, ITS NOT. Buy 12 or 18 because you won’t want to run out.

Phillip Shockley
Nothing I have tried compares.

I've made a lot of fudgesicles with different brands of instant and cook&serve puddings. Everyone that has tried those made with this brand have said it's the best. I personally think nothing else even comes close in taste and texture. It has to be cooked. Everything that has to be cooked needs to be cooked properly. If you have failed at that and have made up your mind based on that there is always instant pudding to be had by other brands. Instant is cheaper, easier to prepare and more consistent if you can't cook.