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May 11, 2020

Getting Acquired: Every Startup’s Dream

In a perfect world, your startup grows, pays back VC or PE investors and starts to make a profit allowing you to live and work in the company you built for many successful years.  In reality, an early or mid-stage acquisition may save you from financial trouble.  The journey to IPO is long (currently, it is about 10–12 years) so banking on that is a long shot.  Instead, develop the best internal processes, culture and supply chain in your market and wait for the whale… the one with a ton of cash. 

Feb 1, 2020

It's Uncle Louie's BIRTHDAY!

It's Uncle Louie's Birthday! Celebrate with the man, the myth, the legend by adding a little bourbon to your South & Spoon pudding.  He is a Kentucky boy after all.
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Snuggle up sugar, it's cold outside!

Did you know... our Salted Brown Sugar pudding mix was the 2019 Bronze Sofi award winner for baking mixes?!? Try it warm with a little bourbon on a cold night.

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