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It's Uncle Louie's BIRTHDAY!

Ever wonder who we're talking about when we talk about Uncle Louie?  You know, the one who is always adding bourbon to his South & Spoon Pudding? Well, wonder no longer!  

Uncle Louie is played by none other than soap opera star Gil Rogers. Gil Rogers - Guiding Light 1985

In the 70’s and 80’s Gil played Ray Gardner on All My Children and never was there a more deplorable character than good ole Ray.  Tad Marten’s real father, Opal’s husband and the man who blew himself up trying to destroy the Marten's, Ray was a household villain everyone loved to hate. 

After leaving AMC, he moved over to The Guiding Light where, for 20 years, he played Reva’s father, Hawke Shayne.  Unlike his previous Soap Opera incarnation, Hawke was a good guy and his family was able to remove the security detail from the lobby of their NYC apartment building!

We love hearing stories from his broadway days and days as the spokesman for Grape Nuts when he got to hang with bears and deer and all sorts of forest creatures.

These days, “Uncle Louie” spends his days basking in the California sunshine, having dinners with his grandchildren and making fun videos with the South & Spoon team in exchange for delicious pudding (with the occasional spike of bourbon!).

Check out these recipes for South & Spoon pudding that you too can add a little adult beverage to, just like our Uncle Louie. 


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